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Root canal therapy in Puresmile Dental Care, London.

Root canal treatment, also known as endodontics, is a dental procedure designed to treat infection or irreversible inflammation of the nerve of a tooth. This may be caused by decay, a fracture, an existing deep filling or severe gum disease.

If the nerve tissue becomes infected by bacteria it will begin to die, which could result in the loss of the tooth. There is also the risk that the infection could spread leading to a painful dental abscess (a pus-filled swelling). The infection could then spread to your gums or the tissue and bones that support your teeth. Root canal treatment is designed to save the tooth and prevent the spread of infection.

The infected tissue is removed from the tooth and the root canal is then cleaned of all bacteria. After the bacteria have been removed, the root canals are then filled using a rubber filling material, before being sealed. Root canal treatment is commonly perceived as being a painful procedure. In fact, in the hands of a properly trained dentist, root canal treatment is relatively painless, and it should be no more unpleasant than having a filling done.





    • "Extremely happy with service. Polite, professional and friendly staff. Dentist was patient and explained everything to me very well. Made me feel at ease throughout my visit there. Definitely recommend this dentist. Everything new and shiny as well."
    • "Just got back from my treatment at the surgery and apart from being very numb, im extremely satisfied with the whole team. My dentist was very clam and gently with their work. Informing me of what they were doing as they worked in my teeth. Furthermore the treatment they have done feels good. The receptionist that I dealt with were friendly and helpful. One of the best dental surgeries I have been too."
    • "I had tried to have a tooth removed from another dentist but it was too painful and the dentist there seemed annoyed with me. So, it was a complete pleasure and surprise to be treated so well at this practice by the dentist. I was put at ease, it didn’t feel rushed and the dentist took great care to avoid any pain or distress. The tooth was safely removed. I will definitely go back. Highly recommended."