Our cosmetic dentists in Finchley can offer you practical, straight forward advise on aesthetic issues concerning crowns, veneers and bridges together with detailed discussions on alternative options.

Crowns are artificial coverings designed to improve the appearance of teeth or to restore badly broken down teeth. Bridges replace missing teeth using either crowns or metal ‘wings’ supported on the teeth either side of the space.

Who needs crowns and bridges?

Crowns may be required if the teeth are too badly decayed or broken down and therefore need to be enclosed by the crown, in order to save them. They may also be used to improve the colour or shape of the teeth. Bridges are used to fill up small gaps in the mouth where teeth have been lost or removed.

Can anyone have crowns or bridges?

Crowns or bridges are not usually provided for young patients until the teeth and jaws are fully developed. It is also important that the gums and supporting tissues are healthy. Good tooth brushing and the use of dental floss are therefore essential before and following treatment. Your dentist will advise you about this.

What materials are used for crowns and bridges?

Front crowns and bridges are usually constructed of porcelain (or other ceramic), or porcelain with metal backing. Further back in the mouth metal and porcelain, or metal alone may be used to give greater strength.