Tooth loss can affect millions of people each year.  When there is a missing tooth, there are usually a number of options that are available for the replacement. These options include a removeable appliance or prosthesis called a denture, a bridge (see our details in the crown and bridge section) or an implant retained crown.  Consideration should be given to have the missing teeth replaced straight away for the following reasons:

Teeth adjacent to the gap (where the tooth was lost) could drift (move) towards the gap and cause functional bite problems.

Missing teeth can cause bone loss and shrinkage of your jawbone over time

Missing teeth can cause the facial muscles to sag (due to lack of support) and make you look much older than you are by exacerbating wrinkles.

There are two main types of dentures that are used to replace missing teeth, full dentures which replace a full set of either upper or lower teeth and partial dentures which only replace a few missing teeth. There is also a choice of materials usually acrylic,  cobalt chrome or the new flexible Valplast.

At Puresmile Dental Care our Finchley dentists don’t just make dentures to look good but place great importance on fabricating dentures that are a perfect fit. Loose dentures can irritate your gums, cause problems with eating and social embarrassment, we ensure that our dentures are always made to fit securely in place. Of course each case is different and in some cases particularly if there has been much bone shrinkage, it is sometimes necessary to have an implant retained denture which greatly improves the retention.  If  partial dentures are required then we also offer the latest flexible Valplast cosmetic dentures. These partial dentures tend to be more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing as there are no visible metal clasps, instead the clasps are the same colour as your gum. Also, these dentures are unbreakable and so can be a very useful alternative for people who tend to break their dentures. A correct assessment needs to be carried out in this case to determine the casue of breakage.

If you have missing teeth and are considering implants dentures or bridges from a dentist in the London N3 area then contact us today by filling out the contact form above or calling the practice on 020 8343 4122.